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Let’s be honest. When I hear the word Christmas, my head is beset with conflicting thoughts. 
There are the dear little elves, taking me back to my childhood. These immediately conjure up the wonderful aroma of grandma’s biscuits, combined with the smell of oranges and Christmas spices. It gives me a lovely warm, cosy feeling inside.  
But then there are also the demons. They belong to the “watch out” brigade, bumbling about in my head screeching "oh, they’re all such nonsense, these thoughts; laughable, just make-believe”. And my mood goes downhill from there.

Well, is it really true, is it all nonsense?

No. Have I forgotten how to dream
Which thoughts do I really trust? And why does my mood change so abruptly?

I certainly don’t know everything, but there is a saying, you could call it a Christmas proverb.
Change your thoughts and your mood will change too.

By the way: It has been proved that holidays provide plenty of time for this....

 Authoress: unknown :-)



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